Conventional Chemical Blenders

Gooseneck trailer mounted 20/40 BBL Split Compartment

Dual Pump Chemical Mixing Skids w/ mixing jet hopper

Designed to blend polymer solutions, sand plugs and high solid concentration LCM pills

chemical mixing blender skid


Twin 4 x 5 centrifugal circulating pumps (2,000 gpm each - total tank recycle rate less than one minute) creating high shear rates and rapid polymer hydration.

Pump #1 direct drive by a V6-71 Detroit Diesel

Pump #2 hydraulic driven / hydraulic fluid cooler

High efficiency jet hopper to facilitate dry polymer blending (reduce chemical costs)

Twin pump configuration allows fluid engineers to independently blend 2 products at various rates of mixing with multiple port and starboard 3 and 4 inch discharge and suction ports

Example: Fully hydrate high viscosity sweeps while blending friction reducer solution to optimize circulating fluid rheological properties.

Split tank configuration can be set up to function as a 50 bbl tank if required


Economical mobilization/demobilization rates

Units are permanently mounted on 28 foot gooseneck trailers (30,000 lb axle rating) and pulled with 3500 series Dodge turbo diesels

Units are mobilized with all required hoses, fittings and chemicals

Fluid engineer delivers - rigs up and operates the unit

No winch truck required

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