Hybrid Chemical Blenders

J4 Fluid Services has deployed a Chemical Blending Equipment Package with mechanical, chemical and networking elements involved. We are working towards expanding the system to improve project costs and expand our understanding of formation damage potential during post frac coiled tubing isolation plug drill-out operations.

hybrid chemical mixing blender skid

The Hybrid Chemical Blenders are designed to support coiled tubing operations. The units continuously record circulating pressure, well head pressure, chemical injection rates, circulating fluid feed rate and return rate. We are using frac software to monitor these activities during post frac drill-outs. The real time data is visible on location via local area network WIFI. The company man, motor man, coiled tubing supervisor and flowback crew can view and interpret the real-time data on smart phones or laptops.

We have completed testing non-invasive electronic flow measurement indicators to accurately measure coil tubing circulating return rate. The test results have been good and orders have been placed for additional instrument packages. The concept is designed to monitor all aspects of wellbore conditions in an effort to reduce overall well completion costs.

The goal is to optimize chemistry and improve inter-location and engineering staff communications. These improvements will facilitate all service providers to work as a team to control the in- flow/ return- flow balance, optimize chemical dosage rates to facilitate hole cleaning and prevent circulating fluid invasion and formation feed in (by adjusting and monitoring flow rates in and out of the well). Otherwise, current operations used in the field have the potential to impact the permeability of the proppant pack in the fracture systems due to proppant dislodging, fines migration, emulsion formation and polymer invasion while conducting out of balance operations. Since we have dramatically increased permeability of the target reservoir shale to partially unconsolidated sand we need to pay attention to this as we would if we were dealing with an unconsolidated sand offshore. We as an onshore industry are not doing this.

hybrid chemical mixing blender skid

The technology has been expanded where-by staff engineers have the option of viewing data in real time via PC or mobile device while traveling or comfortably working in the home office.

Sensors are currently being tested to monitor and record real-time H2S levels emitted at the surface in an effort to assist in chemical treatment mitigation and promote a safe working environment for field crews.

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