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Take a closer look at the talent and passion behind J4 Fluid Services. We are here to provide you with a new level of service in the drilling completions and stimulation fluids field.

Hank Reeves of J4 Fluid Services

Hank Reeves, President

(361)877-9062 -

Hank has over 35 years in the Oil & Gas Industry, he brings J4 Fluid Services the experience needed to run a successful Oilfield Service Company. Hank has managed drilling and completion fluid activities worldwide. He is a registered Geoscientist with a BS degree in Geology from Arizona State University and is a veteran of the United States Navy Submarine Service.

Rachel Barrera of J4 Fluid Services

Rachel Barrera, Field Sales Representative

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Rachel has over 10 years experience in the Oilfield service sector. A proven leader with a firsthand understanding of trucking and fluids from logistics to fleet management. She is dedicated to the safety and quality of our services.

Scott Parks of J4 Fluid Services

Scott Park, Fluid Engineering Advisor

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As our Fluids Engineer, Scott comes to J4 with over 15 years of oilfield service experience. Scott has developed a specialty product in completion fluids. Concentrating on acids and chemicals and putting them to work in well stimulation and packer fluids, he can help you with your fluid design.

Joe Pena of J4 Fluid Services

Joe Pena, General Manager Operations

(361)652-9030 -

As our General Manager, Operations, Joe has over 15 years of service in the chemical and transportation industry. Serving in both the petrochemical and oil and gas industries. He brings a strong leadership skill set to our culture.

Jessica Stuckey of J4 Fluid Services

Jessica Stuckey, City Sales Representative

(832)316-3479 -

Jessica has over a 6 year career in the Fluids industry where she served in various roles with Baker Hughes. Today, Jessica heads up the J4 Fluid Houston area sales team.

Bryan Tipton of J4 Fluid Services

Bryan Tipton, Field Sales Representative

(361)571-4190 -

A 38 year field sales professional with a solid Fluid focus background to include drilling, completion and stimulation fluids. Prior to joining the J4 Fluid team in 2009 Bryan work alongside such Oilfield service providers as Halliburton, Tetra and McAda Fluid Services.


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